A HEPA Fan Filter Unit (FFU) that performs in all 
real world conditions

smartHEPA is the 1st industry leading Fan Filter Module that delivers the clean air and data that you require
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The technology most commonly used for fan filters are dated, and they often rely on fixed settings or factory presets to fit the needs of individual applications.
We understand how stressful it is to rely on the performance of your facilities while you're producing your product. There's too much risk in using out dated fan filter units that have not been tested in real world conditions.
" We have replaced a number of older fan powered HEPA units with the new smartHEPA in existing tight plenum spaces. With the extra fan capabilities of the smartHEPA we are consistently hitting the 90 FPM required for regulatory certification. "

Jim Kanaris

Director of Facilities, Dalton Pharma Services

Concerned you wasted money on the wrong module for your application ?
We have built thousands of fan filter modules that have been tested beyond the lab and proven to work in real-world static pressure conditions. You can be confident your smartHEPA will satisfy your critical airflow requirements.

How smartHEPA Helps You?

Energy Efficient

leading energy efficency while providing consistant airflow


Tested in real world enviroments to be the quietest unit on the market


Under 16"


Control and monitor from Smartphone, tablet or computer using our ShartHepa E


Can ship out of our Barrie, Ontario location as fast as 1 - 3 days


Internal design easily achieves laminar flow across the filter face.
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Featured Company's using our FFU's

Designed to be used in the following



Manufacturing Facility



4.0 Industry

Food & Beverage

Life Science

See which smartHEPA FFU meets your needs


Our base model smartHEPA unit that is designed for applications where consistent airflow and filtration are required


Our standard unit that comes with real time monitoring, remote setpoints and 2 way communication

smartHEPA Enterprise

Our enterprise unit that include facility level administration, allows for remote monitoring and management
"We find the smartHEPA is a great product to work with. They are easy to adjust with central Modbus controller and produce very reliable repeatable air flows, even in demanding high static conditions. Balancing time is greatly reduced, particularly in situations where ceiling access is difficult."

Jasbir Sahota

Design Test and Balance


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smartHEPA is the 1st industry leading Fan Filter Module that delivers the clean air and data that you require
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