September 14, 2021

How to Ensure Your Cleanroom’s Tech is Scalable

Is your Cleanroom built for the future? Or flexible enough to accommodate whatever your future needs may be?

Your Cleanroom facilities need to be designed with multiple uses in mind, and future flexibility built-in.  

Preventative and predictive maintenance technologies are accelerating rapidly, with the incorporation of machine learning and AI technologies.

Flexible design elements are necessary to meet your current needs, while allowing for unanticipated uses in the future.

This includes total system architecture integration with individual device controls at the base SCADA level, then integrating with facility and Environmental Monitoring systems, regulatory reporting and audit tracking with CFR21 Part 11 compliance to full BAS (Building Automation Systems) that go beyond the Cleanroom to the entire facility.

MODBUS Controls With 2-Way Communication

The SMARTHEPA fan filter modules provide fully-integrated MODBUS controls that provide 2-way communication on the performance of the Fan Filter Module such as:

  • Differential pressure drop across the filter
  • Fan motor speed
  • Correlations to air flow volumes
  • Air flow velocities

The 2-way communication allows for useful life monitoring and predictive maintenance to be performed, prior to a costly unexpected failure in a critical environment.

In addition, control logic can provide dynamic environments, depending on the air supply required. For example, when a variable flow fume hood is adjusted.

The system can be integrated into a wide variety of existing control systems and can be provided with individual IP addresses and a simple web interface for easy adjustment during system balancing and validation.

“We find the SMARTHEPA is a great product to work with.  They are easy to adjust with central Modbus controller and produce very reliable repeatable air flows, even in demanding high static conditions.  Balancing time is greatly reduced, particularly in situations where ceiling access is difficult.”

 Jasbir Sahota, Design Test and Balance

If you have any questions about how to add functionality to your Cleanroom, click here to contact us any time.

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